Roller Sleeves come in arrange of sizes from 75mm to 270mm.

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Roller Sleeves come in arrange of sizes from 75mm to 270mm.

Also different naps 6mm nap to 32mm nap the shorter the nap the smoother the surface should be.

Here are a few tips to help you select the right sleeve for the Job.

  • What am I painting? Smooth or Rough texture. Inside or Outside.
  • What paint am I using? Acrylic, Acrylic Enamel or Oil Based paint.

If you are painting interior walls:-

  • The best roller sleeve is a 230mm wide roller with a 6-8mm nap for acrylic paint or you can also use a Micro-Fibre sleeve, this can also be used for Acrylic Enamel paints.
  • For enamel (oil based) use a foam roller or a mohair roller sleeve.
  • Soak your roller sleeve in water before you start. This helps remove any loose fibre from the sleeve, before you start to paint.
  • When rolling your wall, make a M first then fill in, always roll back on your work otherwise you will put more paint on the last part, and you will end up with strips on the wall.
  • When choosing a Roller Sleeve here is some points to consider:-
  • If rolling a ceiling a good tip is to slit a paper plate to the centre then slip it onto the roller handle at the bend, this will help stop you getting paint splatter in your face. (Make sure that the paper plate is the same size as your roller sleeve).
  • Use a brush to cut in around the edges, so that you don’t damage the previous wall or ceiling with the roller.

If you are painting exterior walls:-

  • A 230mm wide roller with a 12mm to 32mm nap (for rough surfaces use a 32mm nap roller sleeve. As this will carry more paint and get into the texture of the surface.
  • For block walls, it is a good idea to slightly wet the surface for the first coat, as this will help the paint soak in, and also helps spread the paint evenly.
  • As for interior walls soak your sleeve in the appropriate thinner, usually water based paint for exterior walls.
  • It is a good idea to have two sleeves, so that you can leave one to soak, so that when the paint starts to dry in the first roller, you can swap them over. Just shake the 2nd one out and put the 1st in the spare tray to soak which will help soften the paint again.
  • Always paint from a Roller tray and make sure that you leave the original bucket of paint in the shade, with the lid on.
  • Please come in store to select the right sleeve.

Roller trays come in 3 main sizes 180mm, 230mm, 270mm. Depending on your roller handle size.

  • You can get a 75mm for small areas.
  • 100mm for doors and small areas.

Roller Handles

  • 3 main sizes 180mm, 230mm, 270mm
  • Also 75mm, 100mm.
  • All handles will take a extension pole to help reach higher.





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