Corroless - S1 - Rust Stabilising Primer - RED/ BROWN

Corroless - S1 - Rust Stabilising Primer - RED/ BROWN

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Corroless S – Rust stabilising Primer. A756 S1 RED/ S3 A75 BUFF

For use on: Piping, cranes, mechanical equipment, bridges, railings, tanks externals and other structural steel.

Corroless S is a general purpose rust stabilising primer.

  • Has a thirty year track record in corrosion control.
  • Has excellent wetting properties.
  • Designed to penetrate firmly adherent rust.
  • Will withstand operating temperatures of up to 200oC.
  • Can be applied onto hot surfaces.
  • Ideal for general maintenance.
  • Touch dry 2 hours/ Hard dry 4 hours
  • Recoat min 4 hours/ max 7 days.
  • 12.6 square metres per litre.  Approximate coverage.

Application methods: Brush, airless spray. Apply unthinned.

Roller lambswool.   Thinner max 5% with No 2 thinner.